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Trái cây miền Tây
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What could be more wonderful than enjoying fresh and delicious fruits when the hot summer is approaching? Check out the suggestions below to choose healthy fruits for yourself!

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  • : 5/17/2021 11:41:00 AM

What could be more wonderful than enjoying fresh and delicious fruits when the hot summer is approaching? Check out the suggestions below to choose healthy fruits for yourself!


It can be said that our country is favored by nature with a variety of agricultural products. Each season is associated with many tropical fruits. Especially in the summer, fruits are always an essential choice to cool off.

With the standards of Freshness - Cleanliness - Safety, now the seasonal agricultural products produced by Westernfarm not only serve domestic consumers but are also popular in the international market. With many fruits with high nutritional value such as: mango, jackfruit, dragon fruit, avocado, longan, ...


1. Mango

Although it is grown everywhere, when it comes to mangoes, people remember the rich southern land, not only serving the country but also exporting to other countries.

There are many kinds of mangoes such as quartet mango, Cat Chu mango, Tuong mango, ... and the most characteristic is still the attractive and sweet flavor of Cao Lanh Cat Hoa Loc mango. You can enjoy the sweet mangoes by consuming them directly or processing them into dishes such as smoothies, tea, sticky rice, etc.

How to choose a delicious mango:

- Choose ripe yellow fruit, hold firmly.

- Choose fruit with smooth, glossy, even-colored skin.

- Select the part of the stem that is still tight, which can be checked by touching the stem and sniffing. If the stem is fragrant and has essential oils, it means the fruit is fresh and has no preservatives.

Nutrition from mango:

- Mangoes are rich in antioxidants

-           Improve immune system

-           Support cardiovascular health

- Improves digestion, hair and skin

- Reduce the risk of some cancers, ...


2. Butter

Avocado is a fruit that many women love. Avocado is easy to use, just peel and remove the seeds and you can enjoy the rich aroma of avocados such as: smoothies, ice cream, delicious salads. However, making any dish requires delicious, flexible, non-fibrous, non-bitter butter.

How to choose a good avocado:

- You should choose avocados with slightly lumpy, light skin, thick rice and yellow flesh

- Should choose fruit with fresh stem, yellow-brown is ripe avocado

Avocado nutrition:

- Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

- Contains many powerful antioxidants

- Eating avocado can help you lose weight

- Reduce the symptoms of arthritis, ...

3. Labels

Longan is a tropical fruit that is loved by many people because of its sweet and delicious taste, not only eaten directly but also for processing foods and drinks such as: canned longan, longan tea, longan ice cream, ...

How to choose delicious labels:

- Should choose the type that cuts the whole branch, fresh stalk, green leaves, sturdy and has a pleasant scent

- Limit buying longan with martial arts layer that is too smooth, bright and falling off branches

Nutrition from the label:

- Good for the nervous system

- Improve blood circulation

- Replenish energy and nutrients

- Preventing stomach diseases and supporting digestion, ...

4. Jackfruit

As a fruit all year round, but best in summer. With a particularly attractive aroma and high nutritional value, jackfruit is not only eaten fresh, but also processed into dried jackfruit, jackfruit tea, smoothies, etc.

How to choose delicious jackfruit:

- Should choose the round fruit, less concave, large jackfruit spines

- Feels heavy in the hand, pleasant fragrance

- Should choose whole jackfruit without holes

Nutrition from jackfruit:

-           Improve immune system

- Helps the digestive system to function properly

- Good for eyes and skin

- Additional energy,...

5. Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a very familiar fruit in the summer, this time dragon fruit is both delicious and cheap. Besides many nutritional values, dragon fruit also brings many attractive dishes such as smoothies, tea, dried dragon fruit, ...

How to choose dragon fruit:

- Should choose dragon fruit with a malleable stem

The leaves are light in color, not dark brown

- Press lightly on the shell, if the fruit is hard, it is a delicious fruit

Nutrition from dragon fruit:

-           Good for cardiovascular

-           AIDS digestion

- Prevent diabetes

- Reduce arthritis

-           Weight loss, …


With the confidence of "bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world", Westernfarm is constantly perfecting modern production processes, complying with quality, and rigorously testing to produce standard agricultural products. international; help farmers improve their capacity and become a value supplier in the world.

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